Chord symbols on different counts for e.g. guitar

I made chord symbols for the rhythm-section. Most of them on count 1 and 3.
I’ve made a slash-accent for guitar on count 2 and 4 and want the chordsymbols to display above it. Not on 1 and 3. How to achieve this?

You could input local chord symbols just for the guitar? See step 3 here:

So I have to enter all chord-symbols once again…?

  • Is there no way to copy the chord-symbols and paste them beginning on count 2? I’ve tried but it also effects the original part.

  • Is there no way to move all the chord-symbols one count in just the guitar-part?

The chord lane is not “staff-specific”, it’s the same for all staves. This is why you have to choose whether you decide to show the chords for each player, and you can even choose whether only the rhythmic instruments held by a player will show the chords. This flexibility has its drawbacks, you cannot input chords as you wish, without altering other staves. Unless you use the solution Lillie described.

Thanks Marc and Lillie.
In that case I’d like to suggest to the developers to make a new option:
“Display chord symbols on duty only with rhythmical slashes”.
Maybe a ‘Create rhytmical-chord symbol region’?

There’s actually a chord region feature. I wonder whether you could use it. I guess you would have to create a one beat region and apply it on the second and the fourth beat of your guitar player. Honestly, I never tried this…
PS : just tried, and it does not work

Ha ha. Very clever solution… Just tried it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, Marc.
It would be an other solution for this problem.

Could one filter-copy the chord symbols and then paste them into an offset local chord region for the guitar?

Lillie, when I input local chord-symbols, I end up with both global Chord Symbols on count 1 and local Ch Symbols on count 2.
Tried out all options in Setup - Chord symbol options but the result is eighter nothing or 2 sorts of Ch Symb on count 1 and 2.
Am I missing something or is it just not possible in Dorico yet?
Of course it can be done by changing all chord symbols in the whole piece (also in pno and bass) to local. Is this what you mean?

When I’ve had to do this I’ve done it 3 different ways before:

  1. Manually drag the Guitar chords in Engrave. Not so great if layout and spacing changes though.
  2. Add in both locations, hide one as needed.
  3. Select all in Guitar part, filter chords, hide all, re-enter all chords on that staff as Local.

Examples of all 3 methods with Chord signposts showing below:


Great workarounds, Fred!
I go for option 2. Thanks!

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