Chord symbols partially displayed on some instruments in write mode

I am entering chords for a jazz combo chart. I am entering all the chords on the piano staff. They appear on the bass staff as well, as expected. But some of the chord symbols are displaying only partially on one of the instruments. This happens only in Write mode. They display properly in Engrave mode. In this example, the bass (top line) is correct. The piano is incorrect.
partial chord symbol.JPG

We have had a number of reports of this problem, but have so far been unable to pin down the circumstances under which it happens. I think you’ll probably find that those chord symbols will reappear if you close and reopen the project. If you’re able to spot a series of steps that causes this to happen reliably, I would love to know about it so that we can knock this problem on the head.

Not exactly. Closing and re-launching did clear up the item pictured above. But I see another situation in the newly re-opened file in the attachment below. In this case, notice the chord is missing from BOTH instruments. It is entered as “GbMaj7/Ab”. I can upload that file if somebody wants to send me a private message.

In all the cases I have seen, the missing bits happen in the second of a 2-chord sequence where the chord is the same, but the bass note changes in the second chord.

cparmerlee, do your engraving options for chord symbols definitely state that the chord should show when it’s a repeated chord with a different root?

You are correct. My options were set to not show the repeated chords. Changing that options makes it as I expected. And in that example, write mode was always consistent with engrave mode.

So we are back to what Daniel was saying. My first example was INCONSISTENT between write and engrave mode, but it also cleared itself when I restarted Dorico. I cannot recall any particular key sequence that created this situation, but it happened 4 or 5 times, so it will probably happen again. I’ll try to pay more attention to the key sequence.

However, I doubt that situation will happen at all if I choose the option to show repeated chords.

It wasn’t a bit problem either way. It was just a little unsettling when it first happened.