Chord Symbols - Petaluma - size of alterations

When using Petaluma as main music font, accidentals indicating alterations of options are too small (in my opinion) :

When I switch to Bravura, everything is fine:

I did not find a way to scale them separately…

You can change the font/size in Engrave Mode. I’m not sure of the English menu name (in German it’s Notensatz - Schriftstile - Musikschrift Akkordsymbole), probably something like “Engrave” - “Font (or text) styles” - “Chord symbols music font”.

However, this will also change the size of other alterations (in F#7, the # will be affected as well and other symbols like the slash in C/G.

Thanks for the feedback: we will take a look at this and see if we agree that we should make some changes.

FWIW, I have thought the same thing. In general, I think the default for ALL chord elements is way too small. I kick all of that up when I start a score, but I agree the sharp and flat signs are a little out of proportion with the others, and it is pretty important to quickly see the difference between b9 and #9 e.g.

When changing the font size, the size of accidentals at root level is taken into account correctly but in superscripts they are not scaled correctly. With a font size of 18 pt defined in the engraving options I get in Petaluma:

The same problem also exists with Bravura.

I’d be happy to see this fixed soon as I like large chord symbols :smiley:

Regards Heinz …

Make sure you also increase the size of the ‘Chord symbols music text font’ font style in Engrave > Font Styles.

Thanks, Daniel, for the quick answer! It does the job. To suit my taste, I set the music fonts at 20 pt and the text font at 18 pt - at least for Petaluma.