chord symbols randomly not showing gallery view

I have a bug/issue where a chord symbol won’t show in a (seemingly) random bar(s).

I’ve been ignoring it a few times but in the score I have open right now, the situation is it’s not showing in piano (but is replicated in bass) for one bar only, only in gallery mode. In page view it shows, and in the part (page view AND gallery view).

I think it’s been similar random situations but I was getting on with things and I think it resolves itself at some point. This time I’m sure I’m not imagining it so posting about it. Maybe it’s not always to do with gallery view I can’t remember.

See strange chord symbol behaviour - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

I’ve managed to submit a reproducible case to the team, but only in a project where chord symbols are set to appear above the top of the system. If you can find a reproducible case that’s consistent even after closing and reopening the project, I’m sure the team would be very interested!

Thanks for linking to that - yes sounds like the same bug: especially the fact that it seems random. Which is unhelpful for bug fixing!

Confirmed here on Version (Dec 6 2022)

Can you please provide a project that reproduces the problem, @GeirSol? Thanks!