Chord symbols with a slash between tensions

Can’t find how to notate chord symbols a la C7(b9/13). How to notate the slash?

I’d say the slash is largely cosmetic, and thus you don’t need to enter it in the popover — the way things are displayed is handled by the Engraving Options (Cmd E). Simply input C7b9 13, if I’m not mistaken, and Dorico will make sense of that.

but if I want the slash a la C7(b9/13), could it be done in Dorico? I don’t find it in the Engraving Options.

We do not currently have an option to show a slash between the alterations. Could you upload a few pictures of how this looks in practice? We are not under any illusions that we have successfully surveyed every possible chord symbol convention in use in the world, but this not one we’ve seen. Which publishers use this kind of notation?

That chord is usually written C13(b9), unless you want both a G and an A and a Bb in it, of course.

I see now that there’s an “a la” in there. So, for chords like C7 (#9) (b13) there should of course be a solution in Dorico, and I think it is (I have downloaded 1.1 but haven’t had much time to check it out yet). I prefer to write such chords with C7 in a larger font, and #9 and b13 in parenthesises, with a smaller font, and with one extension one on top of the other.