Chord symbols won't play in

Hello any one. My Nord stage 3 will play passages in to a lead sheet
project no problem and when I Shift Q , the pop up appears as it should.
Then I play in the chord symbol which is audible but won’t show graphically above.
When I type type it in [ the slow method ] it shows fine though.

Any ideas, I’m just learning by following the Groove 3 videos.

Thanks in advance, Jim

Welcome to the forum, Jim. I’ve heard the occasional report of this problem, but I’ve never seen it for myself. Are you on WIndows or macOS? Are you running Dorico 2 or Dorico 3?

Hi Daniel I just bought version, and I’m running it on an IMac 10.14. I have some how to videos but still no solution. typing in is slow but takes forever.

Thnaks , Jim

If you really did only just buy Dorico 2, you should be entitled to a free update to Dorico 3, so I would start here.