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Hi there I am trialing out Dorico Pro

I am going through tutorial and the teacher is using a different notation program
He has a bar full of (notes) which he uses as reference to know what chords to use in his music

This Bar is seperate from his score and is not Bar 1. He doesn’t but he could grab those notes from the reference and copy and paste for his score

Is this possible to do in Dorico and if so how?


Welcome to the forum. I’m having a difficult time visualizing what do you mean… Would it be possible to post a screenshot?

That would be quite easy to achieve. You’d want to create a new flow, and place that in a separate music frame.

My brain is mush at the moment (full day of rehearsals), but I know there are tutorials on this. Maybe another user can weigh in with some links.

Wait there’s this:

Told you my brain was mush.

Perfect thanks so much