Chord tools, for Key Editor FR


When programming MIDI, I use the Key Editor to create chords that stagger notes over a period of time, however it is a very time-consuming process getting many notes to skew across the page, e.g.,

so, I was wondering if Steinberg could create a means to be able to create, in particular strums rather than just chords with notes all starting simultaneously, i.e.,



Do you know the Trim Tool with the Alt/Opt modifier? You can do the strumming.

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Hi Martin,

I do and I looked for an alternative function, in relation to the Trim tool but alas nothing.

It is not the ends of notes that I want to work with, using a more automated approach but rather their beginnings.


As Martin mention, the Trim tool requires the Alt key to work on the beginnings of notes.
For an idea for a more automated process have a look at this thread, please:

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