Chord track and color

I’m using a chord track with “no check” on automatic scale and “show scale” is activate with for example “D major”.
I select “chord track” in the color menu of the midi editor to see if my midi note are bleue light or green or any color but blue light.

If I understand good some tuts I saw: blue light is in scale.

But when I reopen the midi data block, lot’s of note become green or whatever color again

Someone can help me to understand what I doing wrong?



  • Green = fits to the Chord (and logically also to the Scale)
  • Blue = fits to the Scale (but not to the Chord)
  • Red = Doesn’t fit to the Scale nor Chord.

Of course, the colour changes based on the currently selected Chord.

Bar 3, chord C:

  • C = green
  • E = green
  • F = blue
  • F-sharp = red
  • G = green
  • A = blue

Bar 4, chord F:

  • C = green
  • E = blue
  • F = green
  • F-sharp = red
  • G = blue
  • A = green

See attached screenshot, please.

Martin you missed a color. Are the end times nigh?

There are two blues
Light Blue (your Blue above) - in scale not in chord
Dark Blue - in chord but not in scale (gotta give something to momentary modulation)

The end is neigh! :laughing:

Really help me. thanks !!