Chord Track and setting the Project Root Key

I have ? about setting the Root Key for a project, as I always did in the past but
now I work with chord Track should I still set the Root Key first for the Project
or just not use it at all :confused:


There is no connection between Chord Track and Root Key (I mean, Chords are not transposed, when you change the Root Key, or something like this). If you are using Chord Track, and all of your tracks (beside Drum tracks) are linked with the Chord Track (Chords or at least Scale), then you don’t need the Root Key anymore. Detection based on Chord Track is even more precise, than a detection based on Root Key.

Thanks I get it

I just got Cubase Elements 11…and I am still not sure how to do this.

I am starting with a brand new project. I want to start my project by working with the Chord Track…it defaults to the key of C. How do I change this?


Click the Chord Pads’ Function Menu and choose Transpose All Pads.