Chord track audition on Halion 6 = stuck notes in 10.0.20?

I recently update to Cubase 10.0.20 on Windows 10 and chord track auditioning functionality appears to have changed somehow…

With the chord track set to audition via an Halion 6 track, the chords do not appear to receive note off events when editing so that changing chords (either in the chord editor or by clicking on a different chord in the chord track) ends up with multiple chords sounding until manually sending a MIDI reset. If I set the chord track to audition on some other types of non-Halion instrument track then auditioned chords appear to get auto-discontinued after about 1 second.

I can’t work out what has changed in 10.0.20 and whether the change is due to changes in the chord track functionality or the way Halion 6 works so I am unclear as to whether this is really some kind of bug or maybe there is a way to fix this issue by some setting?

FYI this was fixed ultimately by updating Halion to the latest version.

Steinberg’s Cubase update process could be much more helpful in this regard in alerting users of a possible incompatibility?

Also would have saved me many, many hours of head scratching if I had been able to receive advice on this forum - but due to being a new member here it took from Friday to Tuesday to get my first post approved by a moderator.

BTW I also note that when posts are finally approved, they are inserted in the forum timeline at the time when they were posted, not when they are approved, which effectively buries them below dozens of posts and less likely to be read by other forum visitors. Not a great customer experience IMO.