Chord Track - cannot isolate to a single instrument track


I created 2 tracks with different instruments of HALion Sonic SE. I then added a Chord track and chords from the ‘Circle of Fifths’.

The notes for the two instruments are to be played at different times, no overlap. Chords from the circle of fifth were pasted on each of the instruments track.

However when I play the project I notice that both the tracks instruments are playing for the chords at the same time even when the two tracks have no overlap of chords.

How can I use the Chord Track and apply the chords individually to different instruments so that they play independently in the timeline only when the chords for the specific instrument track are played? Right now both the instruments play for each track chords even when there is no overlap of the chords in the track timeline.


Cubase 9, Windows 10.


In The Chord Track, you can define, to which track should be the data from the Chord Track send to. In every single track, you can define (in the Chords tab), if the should follow the Chord track (be driven by Chord track) or not.