[Chord Track] Chord Detection of 5th/power chord

Time for another request of this feature. For so many years we have asked for Steinberg to expand the capabilities of the chord track to support power chords and now with Chord Detection to support detecting power chords for use on the Chord Track.

Almost all rock songs use 5th/power chords extensively. Using the chord detection feature on these chords gives WRONG results!

Why would you implement a feature designed to do automated detection work for the user, but then expect them to manually correct/fix the results for one of the most common chord types?

Does Steinberg simply discriminate against guitar players and producers of rock music?

Lets put this simple feature request to rest, IMPLEMENT IT!

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I suppose you talk about “chord detection from audio events”, not from MIDI.
This part is 3rd party code and not developed by Steinberg themselves. I guess all they can do is forward your request to the company that actually created the algorithm.

I guess it’s to do with the fact that ‘Power chords’ are not really chords, they are intervals, They consist of only two notes (A true chord is 3+).
I expect the inbuilt detection is designed to work with proper (true) chords only?

Yeah, gotta have a 3rd to define

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Oh I didn’t realize that… I guess that explains why they haven’t ever considered this, then everyone defends them saying “they aren’t real chords”.