Chord Track, chord size.

I’ve been using the Chord Track a lot recently and it’s sometimes frustrating how big the chord symbol/boxes are.
The main problem is when I’m editing, cutting/copying and moving large chunks of my arrangement around the project page, overhanging chord symbol boxes will get caught up in the process.
I’ve already got “resolve display conflicts” selected, and “show scales” which also kind of helps. But the only thing that REALLY helps is either keeping the track heights low, or be horizontally zoomed in far enough that the chord boxes will shrink out of the way. This solution is not ideal when try to edit quickly.
What I would like would be to lock that chord track size permanently, and a way to stop the boxes bunching up over each other and more importantly to stop physically overhanging into the next bar.

If the Chord Track is not Selected you can use alt+drag to resize it independently from the other Tracks. It will stay that height until 1) it is manually resized again 2) you set all the Tracks to a specific height 3) the Track is selected and changes to the Selected Track Height (it will revert to your custom size when unselected).

Thanks! That’s exactly what I need. I had tried combinations of shift, ctrl, drag, etc but to no success. Now I can set my Chord Track to pretty much the smallest size and the chord boxes always fit where they are supposed to :slight_smile: