chord track cntrl drag and drop

when holding cntrl on pc and dragging chord tracks the copied midi is 1/32 to the right and not directly on the same bar.


  1. new project
  2. create instrument track (does not need a instrument)
  3. create chord track
  4. make sure you have snap one and grid type = bar
  5. draw in 3 empty chord tracks on a seperate bar each
  6. play/select 3 different chords
  7. holding cntrl drag these chords into instrument track
  8. copied midi events are 1/32 off from the bar positions

to add to my previous post,

I dont think cntrl is working , you can see the placer lines but if you drag to the right /left while holding cntrl then letting go of left click the midi events move even further away and they should not move at all when holding cntrl .