chord track confusion

Hi,when I introduce a chord track to my project and select a track that already has midi chords on it then ask the chord track to produce chords from this midi track, why do the chords sound “out of tune”
If I play the tracks together it sounds hideous!
I thought it would just reproduce the exact same chords that I have on the midi track :astonished:

what am i doing wrong please?


Chord track seems to affect all the midi parts if tracks are being monitored or not, this has been carried over from C7 here

Perhaps you are inadvertently transposing the midi part - either in the track’s MIDI Modifiers in the Inspector or via the Info Line in the Project Window. I just checked and if you transpose playback in either of those places it doesn’t take the transposition into account when creating chords from the Key Editor.

Also the make cords function just ignores any notes if it can’t figure out what chord they are in. For example if you have a bar of F and then one of G, but your G chord is only a G & D notes omitting the 3rd. When you make chords from this it will show the F chord as covering both bars which would certainly clash when playing the chord and midi tracks at the same time.

Have you gone into the Key Ed and selected the group of notes that was analyzed to produce the chord in the Chord Track and compared what the inspector says the chord is to what is in the Chord Track?

What do you mean by “affect”? The Chord Track only plays back on either the monitored track(s) or the specific track you choose in the Chord Track. And it only changes the notes on tracks that are set to Follow Chord Track.

:blush: it was transposed via the info line :blush:

can’t see the wood for the trees sometimes, thank you for pointing me to it, might not have seen it for yonks, sorry to waste your time :blush: