Chord Track crashes Cubase when analysing audio

Whilst playing around with a few new things in Cubase 13 (Which this is no complaint) I noticed that when chord track analysed audio it would cause Cubase to crash. I contacted support who were very helpful but the things they requested I do didn’t solve the problem.

After a little investigation myself I found the issue and thought I would share on here in case anyone else has the same issue.

If Chord track is in a folder it will cause a crash with an error code “Cannot add more tracks. The chord track count is at the limit.”

If it is not in a folder it is all good.

Having the chord track in a folder in Cubase 12 was fine so if anyone from Steinberg could maybe make a request to fix this it’d be appreciated.

I did have videos showing this but they’re more than 4MB so won’t upload :worried:


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I can also confirm this happens as well.

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You’re more likely to get Steinberg to notice this if you tag the post as an issue.


This is a known and already reported issue.

The crash happens, if the Chord Track is located on a folder during the detection. Remove the Chord Track from the folder, make the analysis, move the Chord Track back.

Thank you! You just saved me a bunch of time!
Merry Christmas…

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