Chord track detections - Bug?

As per the screenshot really, I played in a section that was:
Dmin, Dmin/C, F, C/E (as per the piano roll)

Yet chord track fails to read the F major chord (3rd bar) in that progression:

Anyone work out what’s going on here? I ended up editing the notes to be perfectly one bar long and legato to ensure no overlapping notes occured, and it still won’t detect the F chord(?) - Maybe the chord track is a bit bugged in C12.0.30?

I can confirm this. Also I have my Note Colors set to be based on the Chord Track and those C Notes should not be colored red.

@skijumptoes maybe add an issues tag

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Can confirm that this occurs in both Cubase Pro 11 and Cubase Pro 12.

These notes don’t show as a different color to me in Cubase 12.0.30 when using one of the 8 scales suggested by the Scale Assistant.

I’ve added the #issue tag for you.

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Odd. When I add a C Major Scale Event the blue Notes above turn Green - properly indicating they are in both the Scale and the Chord. But the red C Notes turn light blue - indicating they are in the Scale (correct) but not the Chord (incorrect). This is on 12.0.30.

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Can confirm. This is really super weird. I’ve tried different combinations to find out if there is some systematic problem. The problem seems to be the Dm/C followed by the F… Cubase does not like that combination. If I change anything in either those two chords, the detection works (e.g. change F to Fm, Dm/C to D/C). If I reverse the chords (F → Dm/C), it works.
What does not work is iim/I → IV (how do you notate slash chords in roman numeral notation??) in any key.
This is pretty f**d up… :astonished:

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Thanks guys, it’s nice knowing this can be replicated at least.

Now… How do we get this fixed, eh!? :slight_smile: