Chord Track Events to Part

I didn’t see this one but thought this might be helpful.

If you have a chord track with a progression, in order to repeat it you have to copy and paste it multiple times. What if you could group in the chord track similar to the audio events to part and copy the “part”? I could see this as valuable for when you have different sections you need to replicate as a whole.

If this exists already, please show me where :slight_smile:


yes, the chord track is great, but managing it can be a pita, so your proposal is very welcome. Also the way the symbols are displayed is quirky sometimes. Some Chords are on the first line, then when the chord is too complex it jumps to the second line. I don’t like that behavior at all.
All in one line within a container that can be edited just like other parts would be great (cuttin, glueing, grouping, ghost-copies(!))…

Indeed it’s good to get to know Cubase well before asking for new things.

I have no opinion on whether this should be implemented, but want to point out that the Range Tool does what you need already, and since I have met people who used Cubase for years without realizing the range tool was there, I thought I’d mention it. .

There’s a button on the track header called “Resolve Display Conflicts.” Check it out.

Thanks, Steve but the difference is that the selection tool doesn’t persist… I.i. you can’t save a selection as a’s great for a 1 time select and copy/paste but I mean something like the Audio -> Events to part where that part can be repeated, linked, dissolved, etc.
Kind of a “Group” .

Unless I’m missing something on the selection tool. :slight_smile:


I said Range tool, you are saying Select tool. Two different tools, right?