Chord Track Follow is destructive

I have the following strange behavior with chord track follow:

I create a midi track with 12 adjacent half notes of one octave as a test.
I create a chord track with 1 chord: C Major.
I set the midi track to follow the chord track (directly).
Result: the 12 notes of the scale are reset to the 3 notes of the C Major chord.
So far so good.
Now when I set chord track follow to off, the notes stay fixed to the C Major chord and are not set to the original 12 notes.
This means that the “chord track follow” setting is destructive (it changes the original notes of the part permanently).
This has a drastic impact if you change the chords in the chord track fi. to 4 or 5 note chords, because the original distance of the notes is destroyed and the new notes will map to different notes then when you would have chosen a 4 or 5 note chord in the beginning.

Conclusion: Please provide a non-destructive “follow chord track” mode that “looks to”/remembers the original notes when changing/editing different chords. This is really essential for testing different progressions by trial and error. By original notes, I mean the notes of the part before chord track follow was set. Also when you decide that a track should not follow the chord track anymore, after you have done many other changes, you cannot revert to the original notes anymore without non-destructive chord following.

Is there another way to revert to the original notes, without using “undo”?

Xplor is right, it should be some undo option for floow chod track only, lets say, you are far away, to use project udno…, like I did just 20 mins ago and just finnished fixing the problem…