Chord Track Follow/Unfollow Bug

When I create a track x (with 1 part) that follows the chord track
and I make several versions of the chord track (this step may not be necessary)
and I decide to set “chord track follow” (chords+scale) to off
and I make changes to the chord track
and I make 2 cuts in track x (currently not following the chord track) (to make 3 parts)
then the events in (some of) the cutout parts follow the chord track again, although they shouldn’t

I presume this to be a bug in Cubase 10.5
How can I workaround this in the meanwhile, because it’s very annoying.


I’m sorry, I’m missing something here to be able to reproduce it. Probably precondition state.

Do I understand you right, you are talking about MIDI/Instrument tracks, right? I will try to rewrite it, how do I understand it.

  1. Have a MIDI Track, MIDI Notes in it (chromatics).
  2. Add a Chord track and add some Chords to it (C, Db, D).
  3. Switch the MIDI Track to Follow Chord Track: Chords & Scales. In the dialog, enable Synchronize Track Data… Analyse Chords.
    -> The MIDI data changes accordingly.
  4. Set the Follow Chord Track to Off.
  5. Change the Chord Track data (C, F, Dm).
  6. Cut the MIDI Part 2 times.

=> The MIDI data doesn’t change on my side. They are the same as after step 3. when they changed by the Chord Track. What result do you get?

Thank you for follow up.
I have pinpointed where the bug is.
It has to do with the fact that a track version does not save the setting “follow chord track” (and possibly other settings).
This leads to unwanted effects.

1/ I create a midi track with chromatic notes as a test.
2/ I create a duplicate track version of it (under track versions)(as a restore point to go back)
3/ I create a chordtrack with some chords
4/ I set “follow chord track” on the first track to follow chords only (follow directly)
5/ chromatic notes change to the chords (as expected)
6/ i decide I don’t like this version and switch back to the first version of the track, and now things go wrong: the first version also starts following the chord track, in other words: the saved version of a track does not save the “follow chord track” setting (and possibly other settings)

ps. also “undo” does not undo the setting “follow chord track”, once set (notes are undone, not the setting) (yet another bug)


“Follow Chord Track” is a global settings of the track. The Track Versions store just the track data. Not the settings of the track (like Inserts, Sends, Channel Strip, etc.) even automation is not (unfortunately) part of the Track Versions.