Chord Track in Cubase 9.5

Hi, guys!

I would like to hear your opinions or advice on how to setup the chord track properly so it can drive chord changes for midi tracks.
So what I’m trying to do here is the following:
1.) I want to manually record several individual midi tracks (bass, piano, strings, etc.) for 1 measure (4 bars). I would record these as I would like them to sound in C major chord. So basically, I will have let’s say 5 individual midi tracks (bass, piano, strings, drums, guitar - all midi) with their unique melody lines manually played and recorded for one 4 bar measure.

2.) Then I want these same tracks and melody patterns to duplicate for the following measures and have chord track drive the chord changes for these individual midi tracks on the bars I specify, so these midi tracks and their respective melody line will transpose or transform according to the chord specified.

  • basically it is like playing Yamaha Genos or any PSR keyboard with the accompaniment, but instead of pressing the left hand on keyboard to drive chord changes, I want chord track to do it in Cubase for prerecorded midi tracks. Please understand that I do not want to use any midi flex phases or arpeggios or anything like that.

Is that even possible? Or am I asking too much?



Add the Chord Track. In the Cord Track create the Chord events. In the tracks meant to follow the Chords enable Follow Chord Tracks: Chords & Scales.