Chord track in Dorico for ipad 2 - cannot assign VST instrument

When working with a Dorico project that uses global chords and thus has a chord track it appears not possible to go into Play mode, select the chord track, and route it to an appropriate VST instrument. As a result you can’t play the chords.
That function works well in Dorico for Ipad 4 Elements.

Anyone has the same issue or a solution?

It works perfectly for me on 3.5… (Remember to switch on the playback)

Thanks for your response.
But my issue is only with Dorico for Ipad as noted in the headline.
I also own Dorico Elements 4 and i have no issues assigning a VST instrument to the chord track there.

It’s not possible in Dorico for iPad just yet, I’m afraid, but it’s certainly something we intend to enable as soon as we can. (It’s a bit different to the desktop version because we have to instantiate an extra Microsonic player automatically, and we haven’t done it yet.)

Thank you.
I can work for now with my Windows version. But i would love to see this in future iPad versions because it is really helpful for what i am using Dorico for (i just use it as notepad to capture ideas for small melodies or patterns, often over chord progressions. For that it is really ideal to be able to hear the chords)