Chord Track - Insufficiant Editor chord listings

I’ve written a song and wanted Cubase to verify that the chords defined on my Yamaha Genos keyboard
could be identified in my Yamaha Cubase Pro 10 software.

However, it does not appear that there is much communication between the Genos developers and the folks working on Cubase.

Just as an example, with my Genos keyboard the following notes are defined as a C# or Db Maj7th. (G# C C# F).

Also, the notes of (G C C# F) were defined as a C#Maj7thb5 or a DbMaj7thb5).

But when I try to use the Chord Track Editor (even with using the MIDI Input) the chord was not defined correctly by Cubase…

Also note that there are not even entries in the third column of the Editor for b5 or #5…(Using MIDI Input.jpg)
Are there any plans to extend the chord lists in Chord Track Editor and its validity?

Midi input means using the midi keyboard, but your pic shows you’re typing with the alphanumeric keyboard into the text field.

b5 and #5 are visible in the editor, so I don’t know what you mean about that.

Db,F,Ab,C, is a maj 7 chord, Cubase correctly defines/identifies it as such.

Db,F,Abb,C would be Db maj7 #11, Cubase also identifies that correctly.