Chord Track Issue

Hi. I’m a new user, and trying to figure out the chord track.

I’ve imported a midi file which contains three tracks, Melody, Piano (mostly arpeggio chord patterns), Bass, and Rhythm. I made a chord track from the project menu, referencing Melody, Piano, and Bass. It gets most of the chords right, but misses some. When I try to correct the issues within a bar that already has a chord, it won’t let me add another chord. for example it has a C9 chord which is supposed to resolve to a C, which it missed. I want to add the C chord, but it does nothing when I double click where I want to add it. (I’ved tried using the select tool and the draw tool)

Am I doing something wrong, or is that a “feature”.

I am guessing you have the current “Snap” setting too high. (maybe it is set to “Bar”? Try “Beat” or “Use Quantize”)

That was the problem. Thanks so much. :ugeek: