Chord Track issues?

Maybe off topic. I am showing two issues here. Maybe I am doing something wrong:

  1. Clicking on automatic scale button, deselects the chord track and selects the track below! This happens when you have Score editor open in lower zone!
  2. Different setting on C chord does not translate to C chord in root position when it moved to a midi track.

Please see my gif for both issues!


Whoa. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tiny for my eyeballs. :open_mouth:

I was able to see that the gif changed over time, but that’s about it.

Here it is. I did it again in the safe mode.

I hope this time is legible.

Thank you.


I could not reproduce either if those.

Before writing a bug report, please rule out problems on your system, mainly by starting the sequencer in it’s initialized state by using Safe Start mode or hiding the prefs folder from Cubase (eg, by changing its name)

You gif is illegible at any size.