Chord track: Minor7 Add b9 uses wrong note in piano and guitar voicings

I just make a Em7b9 but cubase give me an F#
Hope it will fix soon =,=

I’m not sure what you mean. Em7b9

Here is what I see:

I got F# ; w ;

I would rule out corrput prefs before doing anything else.

What do you see if you open that project starting in Cubase Safe Mode with disabled preferences?

just a normal one

What? Disable preferences. Please translate my posts to your language if necessary.

Ok, let me try it first

still same

Could you share that cpr file with me?

Upload it with your reply,

If you prefer to use a private message let me know.

230328_demo.cpr (157.9 KB)

Looks like you found a bit of a bug there.

You can observe in the info line that Cubase displays that it’s a Major chord, even though the 3rd is still minor…

The error is present in the piano and guitar voicings, but not in the so-called basic voicing (for which Generic might be a better describer. )
So, that’s the workaround.

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normally I use chord track just a memo
But for a beginner who doesn’t know music theory it’s a tragic…
Hope official fix it up soon.

Yeah, be careful about that. You know enough to know its wrong, so you’re not a total beginner.

Until this bug gets fixed I will blame Steinberg for all the bad music I hear on the radio :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I always thought it was just human guitarists and pianists that never play what they’re told to play, but it seems that the problem is deeper than that…

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Tragic is a bit strong!

More important, I can blame Cubase for all the bad music I make with it…

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