Chord Track: missing chord options

Hello folks,

I´m trying to add a chord to the chord track. I call it “augmented with minor 7th” (C E G# Bb)

However, the chord editor doesnt offer me the option to select “minor seventh” after selecting an agumented triad… Why??? How do I create a chord event with this type of chord?

However, the Chord editor dialog DOES offer a major 7th among the options, which is -in my opinion- useless with augmented chords.


Does it allow you to input Cmaj7+5?

Bb is minor 7th. The maj7 would be B.

Try C7/b13

True, C7+5 might work.

Yes, this is the way. Now I just have to enter a chord notation exception for this to show properly as C+7. Thanks!!

Your welcome!