chord track next update


just playin around with the chord track this morning…

I noticed that it cannot write things like an A7 (omitting the 3rd)

How are we going to take care of that? - > what are your ideas of how it should look in the chord track?

A7 (no3) , A7(-3) , A7 (x3) ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and i know that i and others have requested “custom chords” before, so it cant hurt to “nudge” at the topic:P
custom chords : define name - define chord - define scale new chord - define root note family.


Have a great week everybody=)


How did you write the chords? Of course you can write A7. If you do it in the Editor, use the 3rd column.

Hi Martin=)

I was playing the chords and wanted to transcribe them to the chord track…

when i want to make chords from midi, like in the following picture, the chord track cannot identify it and make a chord track event (just because i omitted the 3rd (c#))

  • the chord track just stays empty in those situations…

have a nice one=)


Play “full” Amin7 chord, please: A-C-E-G.


Otherwise Cubase is not able to detect it as a Chord. What you played, was it Amin7, A7 or Esus4? Even human people doesn’t know, how could machine knows?

i played the notes you see above…

it is a:

A 7th no3

or a

G add9 6th no3 no5

or a

E m sus4 no5

I got your point, now.

Cubase can write A7/Amin7, but it can’t write a chord, if the no3 is omitted. I can confirm this. The algorithm cannot recognise this kind of chords.

Btw, you played Emin sus4 no5/A. As you can see, it’s hard even for human people. :wink:


thx for confirmation=)