chord track NO X

hello everyone
was wanting to use the cubase chord track today and for some reason it wont show the X symbol when i click with the pencil , it only show like a empty blank Midi event , i try to look all over the preference but nothing , i attach picture that show it…
thanks for the help
chord T.JPG

I’m still trying to figure out how you managed to get a rectangular “Part” onto the Chord track, rather than the usual Square (with its “X”) :confused:
I suspect some corruption somewhere… try removing Cubase preferences, and letting them rebuild.

thanks Vic_france for your answer , but it did not help.
i found the answer to the problem here :

Try searching the forums. I think I saw some posts about the same issue a while back. Maybe it had something to do with a missing font. On the other hand this could all be a false memory on my part. :open_mouth:

Good luck.

(ok, that explains the missing fonts, but, how did you get a “Part” on the Chord track that is, apparently, 5 bars long (as opposed to just creating a single event, just long enough to fit the name of the chord? I haven’t a clue how you did that! :slight_smile: )

If you look a the screen image in this thread it does the same thing.

Yep, I did notice that :wink:
So, unless there is some function that has completely passed me by (quite possible :wink: ), and noticing that when working “as expected” (from my point of view), the “Part” length is normally just sufficient to accommodate the chord name, with its appropriate font, but, in both those screenshots, the font is missing… maybe the length is that of a “spaceholder” (purely guesswork on my part)?

I initially thought that too. But if you look at the image from the other thread (posted below for convenience), the parts are of different lengths. So here’s my totally made up guess. Every character in a font is represented by an ASCII code that is 2 hex digits long. So if the font isn’t available maybe it bases the part’s size on the space needed for the underlying ASCII code. So “Dm” would be 4 characters long while “Eb7/G” would need to be 10 characters long.

Or it could be something totally different.

I think we are actually saying the same thing :wink:.
It would be interesting to see (in both example cases here) what it looks like once the correct fonts have been installed.