Chord Track Octave problems

Hey Guys

I love the chord track, but sometimes when i drag the chords from the Chord Pads over to the track, the voicing changes to a higher octave automatically. When i audition the chord pad it tends to have the correct voicing that i want, but with the dragging into the chord track it sometimes gets rid of the bass note.

Any ideas what i am doing wrong here? Some chords are fine, some tend to randomly do this

Kind Regards

you have maybe enabled “adaptive voicing” for the chords that change - which could alter their voicing in the context of a chord sequence. You can disable adaptive voicing for each chord-pad separately or for all of them. You also can set one chordpad as the reference for AV.
Keep in mind that adaptive voicing is usually working great because it tends to avoid jumps in the single voices of a chord progression.

Cheers, Ernst