Chord Track & Pad Functionality

Hi, I tried to see if there is a chart for this but I can’t seem to find anything other than the versions comparison page.

Are there any functionality differences between how the chord track and chord pad’s operate and function between Cubase Pro <> Artist <> Elements?

I see a difference in Score Editor , Chord Assistant - Proximity Mode … But just curious if there are any more advanced features in Chord Track and Pad in Pro or are they pretty much same?


As the Comparison chart says:
Chord Pads are available in all Cubase derivatives. Same as Chord Track and Chord Assistant - Circle of 5ths.

The Comparison chart says, the Chord Editor is missing in Cubase AI and LE. But I can see it in Cubase AI here.

Chord Assistant - Proximity Mode is Cubase Pro only.

Thank you. I just wasn’t sure if there were any more advanced option in the options settings for chord pad or chord track in the higher version. I see the editor as well in LE.