Chord track playback requires disable, then enable

Please excuse the question if my search kung-fu missed the appropriate thread.
In Dorico Pro 4 Version (Mar 24 2022) under MacOS Version 12.4 with an Intel processor , I’ve started to use chord track playback (using an instrument in Note Performer). The odd behavior I see is that sometimes the playback works fine (starting with either space bar or “p”), and sometimes I don’t hear the playback . I can correct the latter situation by going to the Play mode screen, disabling chord track playback, then re-enabling it.
Is this a common situation?
Thanks in advance for any advice (including on searching, if that’s my issue)

I’ve not seen this specific issue reported before, but I wonder whether the issue is that you have the chord track routed to the same channel as another existing instrument in your project? If so, what will be happening is that due to a small bug, when you make a change to one of the instruments routed to that channel, the other instruments routed to that channel (which could include the chord track) won’t play back until playback is completely recalculated.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem, which will be fixed in the next update (coming relatively soon).

Thank you, Daniel, for the quick and useful reply. I have a work-around, so I’ll be happy if you fix it when it’s the right priority.