Chord Track Preference - default length of chord


I’m using Cubase Pro 10.

Does anyone know if it is possible to set the default length and feel of a chord when using the chord track to write notes?
i.e. in this screenshot

you can see a track titled ‘Chord Track Chords Track’ - this contains a chord I have dragged from the Chord track. These always get created with the length of 1/2 bars and all notes are of equal length and velocity.

The ‘Piano’ track contains a live reggae chord, as you’ll see it’s much shorter, on two octaves and each note has a slightly different length.

I want the format of my Chord Track chords to follow the format of those in my piano track, is it possible to configure this in the default settings?

No not really. The Chord Event itself doesn’t really have any length, it is a momentary event in time which sets the “current chord” this chord will remain in effect until another Chord Event occurs which then becomes the new current chord (which can also be empty with the X chord).

You might find this thread useful to approach the issue from a different direction.