Chord Track Problem!!!

Hi Guys,

Today I started working with the CHORD TRACK. :slight_smile:
The reason I’m using it, is just to have a chord-progression-overview in my project what the chords are, that were recorded and/or used. When I open the project in few weeks, I see which chords were used right away.
So, I’m not using it (yet) as a creative tool, just as a overview-tool.

The ony problem I have is that it seems like it doesn’t show the right CHORD-names, or I just can’t seem to make them.

I have progessions with non-scale chords. So when I want to input a C#, I want it to say C#, and not Db. But I keep on bumping into this problem.

How can I make sure that I displays the CHORD that I have selected? Or is that something that isn’t supported?

The only way I have found is to manually set the enharmonic shift in the info line.