Chord Track Question

I have a MIDI loop which is in Cm. Using the MIDI Modifiers MIDI insert, I changed it to play in Cmaj.

However, when I create the chord symbols on the Chord Track (Project/Chord Track/Create Chord Symbols), the resulting symbols are still in Cm.

Is there some way I can get them to be in Cmaj, other than changing each chord symbol by hand? IOW, how can I get the Create Chord Symbols process to recognize that the MIDI is now sounding in Cmaj?



If you want to “print” to MIDI Inserts to the MIDI part, use MIDI > Freeze MIDI Modifier function. Then the Chord Symbols will be in Cmaj.

If you want to change multiple Chords from maj to min in the Chord track, select multiple Chord events, and use the Project window’s Info Line to change all selected events at once.

Many thanks.