Chord track = remove notes from chord.

Did a search but didn’t find anything remotely the answer

I have piece of piano midi.
I want to manually enter the chords in the chord track, So it will let me put C maj in. But the chord isn’t a C major. It is a C no 3.

How can I get this into the chord track.

I tried generating the chord track from the midi and that found no chord, since it is a melody.

Dorico handles no 3rd chords, it is ridiculous that Cubase can’t. Dorico allows you to notate as C5 or C omit3.

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From Cubase’s point of view, a Chord is 3 notes and more.

Please, make a feature-request.


From Cubase’s point of view, modern music does not exist.

Please, make a feature-request.

To the geniuses at Steinberg. Logic Pro 11 just released their new chord track and guess what, they acknowledge the existence of a 5 chord with no 3rd. Why, because they exist and we have chord progressions with them.