Chord track should follow folder rules

The chord track should be able to be duplicated, cuted,… when inserted into a folder, it doesn`t obey the folder rules. Also when you duplicate a chord progression the first chord should be place the following bar and not on top of the last chord.

Yes duplication should have the new notes added after the existing notes - either at the next bar line or next empty quantize location.

Your other suggestion really isn’t viable. There are a whole set of track types where only one of them can exist in a project to avoid ambiguity (e.g. Chord Track, Tempo Track, Marker Track). This is because those tracks behave globally across the entire project. If you have 2 Chord tracks and one has the chord at bar 1 as D and the other as C#7 which is it? Or if one Tempo Track shows 122 bpm and another 107 bpm how fast should it play? However you can create different versions of the Chord or Tempo Tracks. You can even link it to different versions of bass, piano, etc. tracks - so they all change at the same time. The Chord Track behavior is consistent with the other “global” track types. I have no idea what you mean by “folder rules.”

i think you misunderstood the OP. the way i interpret it, he means duplicating it in a horizontal fashion. and by ‘folder rules’, i gathered the OP means ‘do to the chord track editing-wise as you do to audio- and midi-events when you edit them in bulk via making edits on the folder track event [that is the placeholder for any and all events contained within it]’. i concur. there are some more oddities regarding folder tracks that i had reported, like muting events (i can explain but there is no use as SB have been ignoring it for years).

That’s it. The horizontal perpective. Just like when you have a small idea and you to just clone it.

Well you can just select all the chord events and alt+drag them to copy to a new location.

Also there is a workaround to have duplicated chord events end up where you want. Say you have have one chord on each bar for bars 1-8 and you’d like to duplicate them on bars 9-16. If you select all the chords and ctrl+D to duplicate they, as you know, will end up on bars 8-15 - not what you want. But if you draw a dummy MIDI Part on any track that covers bars 1-8 and select this part plus all the chords - now ctrl+D will put the new chords on bars 9-16. This same trick is useful in the Key Editor too where you can use a dummy note to set the time boundaries for notes you want to duplicate - for example if you have 1/8th notes on beats 1-3 and a rest on 4 just draw a note for the whole bar. and then duplicate all of them. Of course you need to delete the dummy notes/parts when done.

My request is to avoid workarounds. Yes you can copy paste, duplicate 10 tracks events on by one, or you can put them in folder and do that in one move. Yes you can open 10 audio tracks to comp takes for the the perfect takes or you could use lanes :slight_smile:
Chord track should beave as most tracks within a folder track.

The way to do it is to use the Duplicate command with the Range tool, rather than the Object Selection tool.

In the case of the chord track being inside a folder and selecting a range on the folder track only, with the folder closed or open, all events get duplicated properly, whatever type they might be, as long as they are fall in the the selected horizontal range.

The reason for this is that Chord Symbols do not have an explicit length– instead, the “length” is just the time till the next chord symbol.

As far as obeying the folder rules, only midi and audio events do so. Automation, markers, tempo, etc. do not. It does seem to me that it would be logical that folders should graphically include chord symbols. So that’s a whole 'nother feature request.

Sorry, but I disagree. Chord Track is Midi Event related and generates Midi events when dragged and played. Chord symbols don`t have visual length but do have midi event length even if generated in relation with other following chord.
Maybe it would be usefull if your logic was seen from other angle.
Maybe I would want the possibility to pickup instantly a part of a project, all included, tempo, automation, chords, all the nine yards and copy, duplicate and so on. Maybe I would want a special copying/duplicating menu like in microsoft office that asks me “Do you want to paste all properties?” Maybe I would deselect tempo, maybe I would deselect chords…
The cubase projects tend to be more unified with the solution like global transpose, chord tracks, arranger track. Seeing arrangement, harmony, rythum, not matematics.