Chord Track Symbols Customization?

Hello again!

Does anybody know if it´s possible to customize chord symbols on the chord track? There are quite a few chords there but there is no option to “create” or customize your own? I want for example to have a chords symbol that englobes "X"5, meaning there´s no third, or an “X”#11 (no 5th), amongst others non-conventional chord symbols. Mostly, is there a way to write whatever you want into the text?

I know you can go on preferences—Event Display—Chord and Pitches and you have access to chord customization, but when choosing only a “X” 5 chord with no 3rd, It will not appear on the general chord selector, for example, it won´t even show on the list of “chord qualities” (major, minor, augmented, sus, etc…).

Thanks! :slight_smile:


You can do so in the Preferences > Event Display > Chord & Pitches > Custom Chord Symbols.