Chord track to use bass note (and other Chord track FR's)

I noticed that the Chord track doesn’t produce the correct chord when you select the bass note (on the right of the slash). I tried several options like adaptive voicing, but only the base chord is used in every case.
There are many reasons to have this feature built into the chord track, rather than breaking it out to a midi track to edit manually.

There are dozens of features requests for Chord track features, mostly in the older Cubase version forums.

Other features like these would be very useful and have been requested fairly often.

  • inversions like in the chord pads
  • voice leading (when you want to find a chord with a certain note in it, relative to the previous chord)
  • Use chord track as a midi input source
  • custom chord and power chords

What, specifically do you mean? Do you expect the chord symbol to change when you add a bass note to the symbol beyond adding a slash and the bass note itself?

I was expecting resultant notes to change when I alter the chord with added bass note.

Can you give an example?

Strange, I don’t know why it’s doing this, in a empty project it does act like I thought it would.
Any ideas?

Not unless you can show me how it malfunctions.

You didn’t watch the example?

Looks right to me. Adding a bass note doesn’t change the spelling of the chord symbol aside from the slash and bass note.

What is your expectation?

This is how it is supposed to work Steve.

In the first video the chord track inspector isn’t visible. Is it configured the same as the latter example?

Well I guess I learned that the ‘Basic’, and ‘Guitar’ voicing types don’t support this. I didn’t think that is normal at all, but it seems that it is.
I don’t understand why they wouldn’t allow that for Guitar or Basic??

I presume because it would not sound like chords played on a guitar or piano using impossible to play inversions. Ever since the beginning of the chord track, I’ve only used basic, which seems like the most advanced! :upside_down_face:

Yet, it is supported in the chord pads. Inversions are used extensively in guitar just like I was trying to do.
How could you think that Basic is the most advanced when it doesn’t support the bass note?

I meant that Basic is the one that has the most voicings.

I agree with you- I don’t see a reason why the voicings shouldn’t change appropriately according the the guitar/basic/piano setting, I was just trying to find a plausible reason for the way it works (or doesn’t) I don’t use the chord track much, I use the midi chord editing tools in the key and score editors, and name the chords later.

When I do use the chord track I have lower expectations than you, for sure. Mainly for lead sheet writing.

Also, sorry- I thought you were talking about the chord symbol initially, not the inversion.