Chord track : Why there is no "F" in a Gmin9 Chord

Hello, is this a bug ?

The F seems to be missing from the Gmin9. Cubase doesn’t highlight that note
Scale assistant is set to “Chord Track Mode : Chords”

Maybe because it’s a Gmin9 not a Gmin7 or Gmin7/9

Okay, when I think about a Gmin9, I assume there’s the 7 implicitly
Maybe I am wrong

Yes I follow you I do assume too, but for certain kind of music style. But beeing pragmatic a Gmin 9 it’s just a Gmin with the added

It should be Gmadd9 if there’s no seventh… Gm9 has seventh implied.

Yes, that’s how I understand it, but there’s actually no universal spelling for chords, even though Real Book spellings became standard in many places.

The Chords and Pitches section allow us to custom the Chord symbol spelling so that “min Add9” is displayed for a minor chord with a 9 and no 7.


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wow I didn’t know about that menu. Does it allow you to custom default chord naming or only add custom chords ? @steve


(within limits. Some spellings can’t be made such as C7alt, we can’t have both #5 and b5 in a chord for example)

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IMHO Depending on kind o music. The universal chart, can implies the 7th but not for all music. To me make more sense, Gm9 because the 9 implies 9th added. If I see Gm7/9 or Gm7(9) or even Gm79 ( writen one above the other), than make sense.

But when I’m playing Jazz for example, If I see a Gm rarely is a simple Gm, its something elese! Make sense?