Chord Track

When creating additional vocal harmonies where does Cubase 9.5 professional process the chords from

Is it from the original midi track let’s say the piano

Or is it the audio track where that piano is included

Or do I have to physically write in the chords on a chord track Which would be quite time-consuming

In other words does Cubase 9.5 Pri have the Smart technology to figure out the chords by itself


Alan Russell.

If you have a midi part playing the chords, you can select it and create the chords automatically for the chord track.
Then you can use the chord track to do all kinds of cool stuff for vocals and any other tracks you have in your project.

Yes. All of my piano tracks in all of my productions are playing all the supportive chord structures along with their fills

I just need to know how to set it up

ok, try this…