Chord Track

I know how to create harmony track with audio/veriaudio.
Is it possible with midi part? Sounds simple but I can’t figure it out.
I have melody played on guitar for instance (in midi), I have chord track with chords, I would like to create harmony voices for the melody but in midi - I would like to use different guitar effects etc. to a different voices.

Maybe I am misunderstanding you, but, if you already have your Chord Track, then just create a MIDI track, select it, then go to the Project menu>Chord Track>“Chords to MIDI”.
(I’m just now trying to find the simplest way of separating the voices in the MIDI track… without having to go via the Score Editor, if possible :wink: )…

O.K. still not so immediate, but…

  1. Open the newly-created MIDI Part in the Key Editor, and change the Color Display to “Voices”. If the notes still all show the same colour, then go back to the Chord Track menu item, and click on “Move Notes to Voices”.
  2. You should now be able to select (manually, unfortunately) all notes with the same colour, then go up to the Info Line, and choose a MIDI channel for those notes.
  3. Repeat for the other voices.
  4. Close the Key Editor, then, back in the project window, re-select the MIDI Part, then MIDI menu>"Dissolve Part, and chose “Separate Channels”.
    That should have created new MIDI tracks with a voice on each track :wink:.

I have chords in chord track. What I need is to harmonize the melody in midi that I created by using chord track.
Another words, I want to create harmonized melodies in midi from main midi melody (by using chord track)
The same way that you will create harmonized tracks out of your single vocal track by clicking Audio/Generate Harmony Voices.

(I think you replied before my own edited reply came up :wink: )

I think You still don’t understand me :slight_smile:
I want Cubase to make a new, harmonized tracks based on my midi that and chord track that I create.
Let say my midi notes are C, E, G, A. My chord track has chords such as: Amin, Emaj, Emaj, Amin.
I would like to Cubase create another tracks (3 or more) with harmonized midi part. So one of the new midi track would look like that for instance: A, C, B, C.
Its just an expamle that I just made up. My actual midi part is much more advanced.
I think if this is possible with audio that can be possible with midi.

and that is what I tried to explain to you :wink:
It can’t do so automatically, so my post explained how to achieve the end result :wink:.

having created that initial MIDI track from the Chord track, you could go into the Score Editor, then Scores menu>Functions>“Explode” (choosing the options that suit best).

What you explained to me - Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: - was how to separate my midi notes from my melody by a channel. It can be done the same by the pitch etc. It will separate notes but all tracks will play still the same melody.
What I’m trying to do is to make two more harmonized tracks that will play the main melody in 3rd or other interval. Same when you creating harmony voices with audio track. I would like to do it with midi.
I know how to do it manually by simply using score or so but in this case I have a lot voices to create and I thought that Cubase can do it automatically for me.

… ah, o.k., you want a harmony note for every melody note that is played (whereas the chord track itself will just give sustained chords)?
I’ve just tried duplicating a MIDI melody Part three times, transposing each, such that at least the first block of notes formed a chord to fit the first chord in the chord track, then used the Chord track option “Map to Chord Track”, on the three selected Parts, but the result is disappointing… it merely transposes notes that are outside the current chord to fit, but doesn’t necessarily make a useful chord.

…even just using “Follow Chord Track” in the Inspector of each MIDI track, using “Single voice” (and then selecting “Alto” etc.) is not really convincing :frowning:

Sorry for my explanation. :blush: :mrgreen: It’s exactly what I’m trying to do.
I tried the same method as you before. The result was disappointing for me as well.
It is weird that with audio/vari audio you can do it but with midi doesn’t look like it is possible. It should be a lot more easier… :question:

… or, how about this? (I have no intention of trying it myself :stuck_out_tongue:)…
Print that MIDI melody into audio, then use Variaudio to do the harmonising work, then use the option “Extract MIDI” from each new audio track?

Just working exactly on it…:slight_smile:

not really what I was expecting…:frowning:

I would approach this slightly differently – create a new MIDI track, set it to follow the Chord Track (Live Transform), and record your MIDI, and repeat for each additional voicing required. The MIDI input will be transformed to either the scale or chord events, and that way you can concentrate on phrasing and emphasis without worrying about “wrong” notes. You end up with harmony parts on separate MIDI tracks, but it may still need some editing to eliminate doubles etc.

If I understand correctly, the OP just wants to add MIDI harmony parts to an already-recorded MIDI melody line, with the harmony lines on separate MIDI tracks. In that case I would probably use a combination of the Chorder MIDI effect (possibly creating or modifying an existing preset) to generate the harmony and the Logical Editor to split the result onto separate tracks.

Another possibility would be to use MIDI sends, with the Chorder plugin as an insert. The main problem there is that it is not possible to select a MIDI track as the destination of the send, but it would work by looping a physical MIDI output back to the input, and recording that.

Finally, using the physical loop method above, you could play the existing MIDI track out and record it back in, but with the input track set to follow the Chord Track as above.

Yes I’d imagine it should be easier, and maybe I’m missing something here, but I suppose this is more in the realm of algorithmic composition, and there are other tools out there for that.

Or use a virtual midi cable like LoopBe to keep it all in the box.

Will that still work on Windows 7/8 x64? The last one I tried (which I think was on Vista x64 at the time) was MIDI Yoke, which hasn’t been updated since 2007, and I think it caused instability at the time.

MIDI Yoke works under win7 x64 (8??) when using 32bit version of Cubase, but not 64 bit. However LoopBe1 works fine with 64.

You can try loopMIDI. Works great on my W7-64bit and was last updated late 2012.