Chord Type change from Sharp to Natural.( Resolved)


I use Cubase pro 9. I need to know how to make Chord type change from sharp to natural. As of now it is showing C major as B sharp but I want to keep it simple and call it C major. Is there any solution to it or we just have live with it. I have attached a pic as well.

Do you have the latest update for Cubase 9.0? 9.0.30 I think it is.

I remember a bug that caused this, and it was fixed back then.

Its now v9.0.40 - released feb 22 2018; this is the last of any updates for the v9.0.x product line they say.

I stand corrected! May I sit down now? :wink:

Hey thanks man…It is solved with the update…Yes you can sit down now… :laughing:

Phew! Thanks!