chorder midi notes

is there a way to convert the one midi note to all notes played by the chorder, when i record midi with chorder on a track, it only shows the key i played, not all the notes the chorder plays, id like to be able to see all the midi notes its triggering

Yes, there is a function called something like ‘merge midi in loop’ where you can decide to include the midi generated by insert effects like chorder. It’s only available in full Cubase 6 though, not in artist or elements.

nice! thanks

I use midiYoke to capture my chorder results onto another track. Send the output of the chorder track to midiYoke1, and then use midiYoke1 as the input for the 2nd track.

That sounds like much more work than needed. When you want the data sent to the track, cant you just “right click” to bring up the option, to achieve this? Involving 3rd party plugins just seems…unnecessary.

unless you are interested in doing some additional midi processing, for example capturing different portions of the chorder output to different tracks playing different VSTi. Or dinking with it in MAX, or…

And any extra work involved is close to zero since it’s already setup in my template. Yeah, you are right it is a bit more difficult, but it is also more flexible.

That sounds very interesting!..

yes thanks for the tips guys

Be sure to solo the midi track before using merge midi in loop or you will end up with all the active midi tracks in the merged tracks and then of course turn off the chorder after the merge or every note will try to play a chord which can be interestng to say the least!


Or adding Arpache, Arpache5 or some of the other great Cubase or 3rd party midi plugins
to one of those streams …

Or taking those recorded tracks and adding 4, 5 or more note chords … chopping up the midi files and rearranging them … transposing them to other keys and scales …

It’s good to be the King … and good to have captured midi data.

Here’s another great, multiport virtual midi device that is also x64 compatible.


used the function before now i got back, and the notes sound all off, using merge midi in loop

Off how? Timing? Key?

For key, make sure you also set the key and scale in MIDI Modifier.