Chorder midi plugin - Transposes one octave down (Bug)


Just discovered this plugin and it looks interesting. However the behaviour is very very strange.

Someone reported an issue some time ago (cubase 6) and nothing has been done :

Here is the issue :

  • Create a new project
  • Create a new instrument track with a polyphonic instrument on it.
  • Insert the Chorder plugin in the MIDI inserts
  • Locate the C3 key in the plugin’s keyboard, the one marked with a small rectangle
  • Press the LEARN button and set that root key in the chord. Select any other key if you want.

Result-> Once the chord is set, or just the root key, you can play the keyboard and notice that if you play any of the notes of the octave below said root note, it will be transposed one octave up instead of being transposed down. Playing two octaves below the root note works correctly, and playing the notes above the root note also work well.

:arrow_right: Can someone try and confirm ? With this issue, this plugin is somewhat useless…

Thanks !

Please, it is a bug. Can someone confirm to get it fixed ?

Issue raised in the right forum :

Yes I have the same problem. Confirmed.