Chorder no longer has presets like Cubase 5?

I’ll admit I’m not the greatest player, I no string and musical theory, however I like using chorder to play chords quickly. In Cubase 5 it had lots of scales and chords to choose from, now in Cubase 6 it’s completely empty and I have to set all the chords my self which is a major pain. I basically want Chorder to work like in Cubase 5. Am I missing something either with presets or generally just how it’s to be used now? Thanks again!

I’ve noticed sometimes when upgrading versions, certain presets can go missing. My best guess is this is what has happened here. Try deleting / moving / renaming (whichever suites you best) your preference files for both cubase 5 and 6.

Once cubase has been restarted and preferences rebuilt things should be back to normal.

If you’re not sure how to trash preferences, do a search…there’s been plenty articles on this forum about it.

Good luck

Great thank you! I’ll start looking there.