Chorder vs Chord pads/track

Hello folks,

I’m not an expert on Cubase’s harmonic functions, but the Chord Pads and Chord Track kind of make the Chorder MIDI effect seem a little redundant.

What can you achieve with Chorder that can’t be achieved via either the Chord Pads or the Chord Track?

In the modern Cubase environment, what is Chorder’s raison d’etre?

I have a few ideas of my own, but I’d like to hear yours first :unamused:


Chorder, imho, is an interesting legacy plug-in still offered and available in Cubase. I’ve never found that I need it, but it’s very straight forward once you learn how it works. The plug-in reference explains it. It will take a little time to get it going. It has some interesting Presets.

Chord Pads – This is a very strong Cubase feature. Again, load up some of the Presets. You can record a MIDI Part from the Chord Pads by just clicking on them with your mouse. You can import a MIDI file and the chords will play (more or less) according to the rhythm of the midi file. I like the chord pads and use them all the time. You can save songs as Presets, and, in addition, there are some good Chord Pad Presets to check out.

Chord Track – Also a very strong Cubase Feature. With this you can quickly assign parts to playback according to the Chords placed on the track. Chord Track can have Versions (often overlooked feature), so you can try out different versions of the progression, etc. Chord Track has different styles for the chords and the players.

Give it all time. There’s a lot of good threads on these topics in the forums.