ChordPad chord reassignment on mouse move

Hi, I’m using artist 10.5 with the latest patches on Mac.

I’ve had little experience of chord pads but i’ve found a really annoying issue when I move between the chord pads the assignment of the note moves from the pad i just moved from to the pad i moved to.

Am i missing something totally obvious i.e. is it possible i’m in config mode and i need to lock (although the ‘lock’ vs ‘adaptive voicing’ option on right click pad doesn’t make any difference) the pads for use?

I’ve tried using a different mouse suspecting a hardware issue but it made no difference.

I’ve googled this issue and found a you tube tutorial where the presenter is moving between pads without them being reassigned without issue?

i do notice that when i do hover over a pad there is an additional icon under the pointer that looks like a vertical line with three horizontal lines perpendicular to the vertical line evenly spaced top to bottom… this may be the clue to the issue but i don’t know why it is occurring.

thanks in advance

Another note i’m not getting any sound when trying to trigger the pads from the little keyboard above the pads? but i do hear sound when clicking on the pad itself.

The icon i mentioned above is exactly like the image to the right of the ‘Chords’ element in the Inspector drop down of a vst instrument track.

Reported this issue last month, no one has any advice, I’ve done everything they’ve said, uninstall drivers, try it without Nvidia drivers, edited graphics settings reinstalled windows… IT still keeps happening. Waste of money this upgrade was.