Chords added in Write mode do not show in Play mode

After creating a solo instrument score with Chords in Write mode the chords only show up partially in Play mode (chord track is activated).
Also it appears that chords that actually show in Play mode are not updated when i change them in Write mode.
I have reloaded Dorico, and rebooted but i do not see any change.

Are the chord symbols that aren’t appearing in Play mode local chord symbols by any chance? When you select them in Write mode, what does the status bar read-out say (bottom left corner of the window)?

Thanks for your response.
I checked the chords as you suggested. Indeed when selecting one of the chords that does not show in Play mode the status bar says this is a local chord.
I found in the documentation how to switch from local to global chords. Once i had done that all the chords show up in play mode.
What i do not know is how i somehow had switched from global chord input to local chord input in the middle of my little project. My project has only one stave and one player. All i am doing is to enter and etude along the chords of a jazz standard.
Any advice?
Thanks for the quick response!

You might have input a chord symbol by pressing Alt/Opt-Return instead of Return, or you maybe accidentally locked the chord symbols popover into local input (see step 3).